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Eden Mill Gin Tour

Reader, I am lucky enough to have the not-so-secret of Eden Mill just a short 20 minute bus ride away from where I live. So, I naturally had to take an afternoon to visit.

This company which was founded just a few years ago is Scotland’s first single site distillery and brewery, making gin, whisky and beer. This building is steeped in history and perfect for this up-and-coming brand to settle its roots. So much so, that later this year it is moving to a different sector of this former paper mill to cater to its growing thirsty clientele.

Title(Taken at the entrance)

For just £10 you get to have an hour long tour around the distillery and get an in sight of not only the brand, the building, but also the chemistry of Gin itself and history of the Gin industry in Scotland. Oh, and of course some lovely samples!

1stgin(Golf Gin 2016 and Tonic to start us off on our tour)

We were lucky enough to visit the large copper stills that are used in the distilling process and were shown around the bottling and packaging area to get the full experience from science to glass. Sadly we were not allowed to take photographs at the stills as they were being used and as a result, there was a high content of pure alcohol in there air.

(The Briefing Room)

At the end of the tour, we were sat down to a tasting session trying 3 of the distillery’s core range: Love Gin, Oak Gin and Hop Gin. We were advised to sip the gin neat prior to adding the reccommended mixer and garnish.

Tasting(Gin Tasting Selection)

Love Gin, is light and floral, with notes of rose and hibiscus . Love Gin was originally limited edition in 2016 but became part of the core range due to the exceptionally high demand amongst gin fans and is still their best seller, outselling their other gins combined 3 to 1 and can now be found at most supermarkets. This was recommended to be served with raspberries and lemonade.

Oak Gin is stored in Bourbon barrels giving it a unique dark caramel, vanilla and spice flavour and was advised to be served with a wedge of orange and Ginger Beer.

Hop Gin is a whopping 46% abv and is blended with Australian Galaxy Hops, giving is a malty flavour with a hint of apricot. This was advised to be drank neat with chili. Never in my wildest dreams would I think Gin and chili would go together! But it went down a treat.

A pleasant afternoon out learning about one of my favourite spirits and Eden Mill is now a cupboard regular in my house. I didn’t want to spoil you with every detail of the tour, you’ll just have to visit yourself!


AJ x

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Victim of Geography Exhibition

During my hometown touristing, one of the first things I had to go see was Clare Woods’ ‘Victim of Geography’ Exhibition at the Dundee Contemporary Arts. This is Woods’ first solo Scottish exhibition and she surely pulled out all the stops with these 11 paintings! I am by no means an art expert but this exhibit left a lasting impression on me and made me feel an array of emotion whilst walking through it.

Title.jpg(Exhibit Entrance)

Woods, who is originally a trained sculptor, constructs these large masterpieces flat, describing her canvas more like a table when painting and is seen mixing her colours on the canvas and layering her paint which has brought an abstract realness to her work.

Emergency Room

(From Left to Right: ‘The Last Word’, ‘The Emergency Chair’, ‘An Artic Breakfast’)

Each piece of artwork is painted on aluminium sheets and uses oil based paints. Each painting has been created from a single source image, a magazine clipping, a picture from the internet, an archive print, which has been gradually broken down using long brush strokes. Many of the individuals from the original material were naked and vulnerable and with the build up of paint along the metal when reflected by light, gives these beings a ghost like presence about them.

Comfort Monitor.jpg(‘Comfort Monitor’)

In order to digest these powerful pieces of work, I had to walk around the gallery several times looking at the paintings from different angles. It is advised, by Woods herself, that you walk through the exhibition first, then listen to the 5 minute documentary by the gift shop, then go back into the gallery again, referring to the leaflet provided. That way she believes you generate a true emotion to the work without being prompted.

Comfort monitor long shot.jpg(From Left to Right: ‘Comfort Room’, ‘Uncle Denver’, ‘English Murder’)

The beautiful, bright, airy and spacious gallery of the Dundee Contemporary Arts brings these paintings to life, allowing you time to process each painting without getting overwhelmed. I will definitely be going back for another look before the exhibit is over.


‘Victim of Geography’  by Clare Woods
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Open from 24th June 2017 – 10th September 2017
Entrance is Free


AJ x